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XXXIII International Seminar and Award for Architecture and Urban Culture - Camerino 2023

THE CARE OF PLACES. The beautiful ... the good, the bad and the ugly of Architecture
The House
The district
The Urban networks

CAMERINO, university auditorium 30 July - 3 August 2023


The care of places is a theme that lends to a multitude of points of view. Ours concerns the relationship between the place and the architectural project. Using as a paraphrase, the title of Sergio Leone's well-known film "The good, the bad and the ugly", adding “The beautiful" as the first category of judgment, the most immediate and instinctive one, we intend to reflect on the role of the Architecture in the formation of places and, specifically, in the construction or reconstruction of the city. This discipline is often absent and almost never decisive if not in fragments.
This absence represents a lack in the operational decisions which become exclusively of a political and economic nature, often of propaganda and possibly of a technical nature. In this way it is missed a fundamental aspect related to the perception of hospitality generated by the places, as well as to their ethical-aesthetic value, the search for a sense of community where the ego is diluted in generosity and in sharing one's expectations with the others’ expectations. On the other hand, the absence of the Architecture in the construction of the city impoverishes its own values due to ephemeral alternatives, deceptive ecological motivation, fashionable trends that often generate out of scale and certainly out of place and self-centered. All of which fosters on the one hand the spread of a consumer culture while on the other a widespread distrust to the architect's profession itself.

For this reason, the construction of the city and, more generally, the care of the places becomes urgently the listening of its character, meant as a permanent element that uniquely marks the place due to its geographical, climatic, vegetational position, as well as for its historical memory. Seaside, river, plain or highland city, with open or closed horizons, blown by breezy or roaring winds, founded on sunny or humid expanses, different by materials, colors, sounds, essences.

The resulting idea of architecture is based on the respect for the character of places, where tradition and innovation meet to give way to the evolution of history where forms, materials, construction techniques have the reason to be in the relationship with the same places. With these assumptions, nourishment of Architecture, also the aspects related to architectural language take a second place because if correctly interpreted any linguistic expression can be a point of interest.

The topic, briefly introduced, will be dealt with in the three workshops provided for by the Seminar:
- The places of the historic city
- The new public spaces
- The Urban green


The study days will include sessions scheduled with short reports, communications and interdisciplinary discussions alternating with workshops in which all members can present their work and discuss various aspects of the proposed project. The works presented by the participants in the Prize will be collected in the catalog.

On the final day, certificates of participation will be awarded and the prizes SACU - CAMERINO 2023.

A monograph of the workshop will be published on Architettura e Città, Di Baio Editore.

How to attend the seminar

Students, researchers, teachers, professionals and practitioners interested in the topic can participate in the seminar. Participants will stay at university colleges at a cost of 25 € per night and 8 € per meal.
The registration fee is 80€, (40€ for students).
Application must be received by July 26, 2023.

Coupon online registration

How to enter the competition 

Participation in the award is optional and is reserved for those enrolled in the Architecture and Urban Culture Seminar - Camerino 2023. Professionals, graduates and students of Italian and international Schools of Architecture and Engineering can participate. Participation can take place both individually and in groups. In the case of group participation, it will be sufficient for at least one member of the group to register and participate in the seminar. Each participant, single or group, may present only one work.

Unpublished works (projects, research, completed works) completed from 2018 onwards are admitted. The same must be relevant to the design themes proposed by the seminar and contain the inspiring principles highlighted in the introduction; in particular they must contain innovative elements of ideas, technologies, programs for an ecological and quality Architecture.

Required documents

The submission of entries involves two distinct phases:

First phase: the application form and two files with the most relevant information on work/project must be submitted by 15th July 2023. The summary should consist of some illustrations and a short text (font Arial, body not less than 9) all clearly readable and reproducible typographically. This documentation should be contained in two files in JPG or PDF format, 300 DPI, each of size 18 x 26.7 cm h. In the header of the first folder the author/s and title of the work should be highlighted. Participants should also highlight the context in which the project experience was carried out (Institution or University, Year, Course, Thesis, Supervisor, …).

All the material will be collected and published in the catalogue.

Second phase: from Saturday July 29, each participant will have an exhibition area of about cm 170x180h, where designs, tables, photographs and other material can be exhibit.  Please note that only adhesive tape (removable) or hangers on rigid support are permitted. During the workshop participants will have the opportunity to briefly explain their work. For communication you should also prepare material for video projections.

Clarification requests can be sent by e-mail to

Awards - Jury
The SACU 2023 Architecture Prize consists of a total of € 4,000 broken down as follows:

€ 1,500 for 1st place
n. 2 expense reimbursements from € 500
n. 2 reports

Critics Award
€ 1,500

It is possible to award ex-aequo prizes. All the works awarded and reported will be published in the issue 19 of the ARCHITECTURE and CITY series.

The award ceremony will take place at the end of the seminar. The works will be selected with a vote expressed by the participants enrolled in the seminar. Finally a commission made up of:
President of the National Architects Council, PPC or his delegate
President of the Architects Order, PPC of the province of Macerata or his delegate
n. 3 among professionals and teachers invited to the seminar, coming from different universities will assign, at its final judgment, the expected prizes and awards.

The same commission reserves the right to award the Critics Prize among all the works presented.

Secretariat - Information
Eleonora Branchesi, tel. + 39 3396506447

Director: Giovanni Marucci

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